Curve is the tool that push your digital marketing data to work hard.

Project story

Precis Digital came to us and asked if we could help them take their beloved and home made internal tool (then called Noelia) to a level where they at some point could make it an external super force. We said ‘Yes’.

We helped define the relation to the mother brand (Precis Digital), renamed and re-designed the UX and UI of the actual tool. Making it more intuitive for someone who’s not on expert level but still retain the expert functionality.

Curve sits at the heart of Precis Digital’s operations. It is the tool that they use to create the most for their clients marketing budgets. And now it’s soon enough at the hands of anyone.

Together with Precis Digital we developed Curve from an advanced tool looking advanced to one looking more for everybody.

Curve is probably one of the most advanced data-driven marketing tools there is. The look of it is not.

Each tool was made to a fictive machine with catchy names. Bidder, Trimmer, Attributer, Forecaster to name four.

We delivered

Brand expression
Tool development
3D imagery
Implementation support