Crafting an online jewelry experience – reflecting the move into fast-fashion

Project story

In a move from one platform to another Safira wanted to quickly shape up the brand expression and create a beacon of what an online retail experience should be to become a fast-fashion jewelry brand on an European market.

90% of visitors don’t know what to buy – so we created different ways to find out. Coming up with concepts like ‘Shop by Vibe’ inspired by Spotify’s mood playlists or ‘Selected by …’ influencers pick and mix collabs.

A more colourful site with a drastic change of tone-of-voice and imagery. We helped craft and support Safira to implement as much as possible during the tight window of opportunity.  We also updated the logo, logo-versions, colour principles, icon set and photography guidelines.

The desire was to revolve the brand into a more chatty, open and inspirational business. One more fit for fast-fashion

With the Safira inhouse team, we streamlined the customer journey; From CTA’s, order communication, down to the unwrapping of shiny goods

The Safira toolbox was blessed with an updated icon set, a sparkling typeface, an infinite shine pattern and a freed up colour palette to meet a more dynamic need

We delivered

Brand audit
Brand update
Rapid Prototyping
UI and UX-design
Photography guidelines
Packaging design