Sweden’s largest online jewellery store now work with windows

Project story

Safira opened in 2012 and are today Sweden’s largest jewellery store online. Well done for such a young business. Famous for pushing prices and cutting the middle man the brand Safira was suffering from not getting the brands they wanted into their online store. Interested in going physical with their good price offer – an opportunity rose at Kungsgatan 26 in Gothenburg, to show the world they did more than pushing prices.

Segmentation and product mix could be drawn from insights of the online data. We created a store that would get potential external brands to get their interest up for Safira and also offer them a place at the shelf without cluttering the experience as a whole. With a collage concept we made it possible to mix and match materials, textures and photography to create a scene to display products. The collage thinking went from wall panels down to the ring holder.

Result: Safira got the partner brands they wanted. The store aestetics also woke an idea about going for a fashion direction within affordable jewellery, something of much importance for the future of Safira. In 2018 investors came aboard Safira who is now on a journey to become Europes largest fast-fashion online store.

We helped Safira translate their online business into a physical experience

The strong spatial expression attracted new brands to be a part of Safiras’ portfolio

The display system was made to be remixed by mood or season using a library of fine materials

We delivered

Store concept
Store plan
Display plan
Display prototypes
Furniture design & drawings
Signage program
Communication templates


Light design
Black Ljusdesign


Photographed by
Hampus Berntsson